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Non-Cash — USAS Special Accounting Transactions




Object 7901 is not a valid USAS expenditure object code.  It is only used by the Comptroller's Office for reporting purposes in the state's Annual Cash Report.  If an agency makes an expenditure and uses a t-code that has a "T" in the first position of the interface indicator, the original USAS object code is converted to 7901 and is shown outside of net expenditures with the other transfer object codes.  If the transaction already uses a transfer object code, no change is made.

USAS is not affected in any way.  USAS will continue to show an agency's transactions as they were originally entered.


Inactivated 9-1-07. This system-generated conversion object code was used to identify interagency purchase transactions for Comptroller staff producing the Annual Cash Report and other financial reporting purposes. Agencies were not allowed to use the code.

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