Issue Date:
Revised Date: 2018-02-16

Legal Cites

Object Type

Cash — Natural Resources

Origin Date

1919 by the 36th Leg.


A royalty of 1/16 of the value of gross production of gas produced on sold school lands. Shut-in gas royalty charged on wells capable of production, where gas is not being produced for lack of suitable production facilities or market, in an amount equal to twice the annual rental provided on the lease but no less than $1,200 a year for each well capable of producing in paying quantities.

Due Date

On or before the 15th day of the second month succeeding the month of production.

Collecting Agencies

Deposit Funds


Amended by H.B. 1691, 67th Leg., R.S.

Reference to asylum lands deleted in H.B. 2249, 78th Leg., R.S.

USAS Values

Appropriation Year 24
Receipt Category 08 – Natural Resources
Receipt Type 80 – Land Income
Object Group 30 – Revenues
USAS Status A
Rev/Exp Category 04 – LAND INCOME