Issue Date:
Revised Date: 2022-03-23

Legal Cites

Object Type

Cash — Other Revenue

Origin Date

1919 by the 36th Leg.


Fees charged by the Secretary of State for:

  1. each official certificate $15;
  2. certified copy of a record $1 per page, in addition to fee for certificate;
  3. records search $5;
  4. uncertified copies at fees in effect under ch. 552, Subchapter F, Government Code;
  5. access to public information through telephone information banks in amount necessary to cover costs;
  6. handling of a certified record search (expedited) up to $15;
  7. access or access by electronic data transmittal process (expedited) to data stored in state computer record banks, amount necessary to cover costs of establishing and administering the system;
  8. handling request for certified copy or certificate of fact (expedited) up to $10;
  9. copies of voter registration lists: actual expense;
  10. Horticulture Lien Certificates: cost of administration;
  11. copy of notice of claim of agricultural chemical or seed liens or animal feed liens: cost of administration: actual expense;
  12. furnishing copy of suspense list containing names of voters who fail to respond to address confirmation;
  13. filing fee for filing certified copy of judicial finding of fact and conclusion of law $15;
  14. preparing and furnishing certificate of existence or authorization reflecting changes to corporation, limited partnership, limited liability company or registered limited liability partnership $25;
  15. maintenance of a record of the services of any process, notice or demand authorized $40;
  16. indexing and filing initial certificate of designation for an out-of-state bank $100;
  17. filing an amended certificate for an out-of-state bank $15;
  18. filing a document in Security Interest and Financing Statement records (expedited) up to $15;
  19. filing or reviewing document relating to profit or non-profit corporation, professional corporation, coop association, unincorporated non-profit association, limited or general partnership or limited liability company up to $25;
  20. for issue of an apostille for use in proceeding for adoption of a child in another country, up to $100;
  21. to file information to record lien on aircraft registered in the U.S. 1 or 2 pages $15; more than 2 pages $30; communicated by another authorized medium $5.

Due Date

At time a service is rendered.

Collecting Agencies


Codified by S.B. 894, 70th Leg., R.S.

Amended by H.B. 2241, 70th Leg., R.S.

Amended by S.B. 223 and S.B. 869, 71st Leg., R.S.

Amended by H.B. 11, 72nd Leg., 1st C.S.

(10) and (11) added by H.B. 1463, 74th Leg., R.S.

(12) added by H.B. 127, 74th Leg., R.S.

(13) added by H.B. 1185, 75th Leg., R.S.

Amended by H.B. 10, 75th Leg., R.S.

Amended by S.B. 570, 76th Leg., R.S.

Amended by S.B. 1180, 78th Leg., R.S.

(20) and (21) added by S.B. 1377, 79th Leg., R.S.

S.B. 41, 87th Leg., R.S. repealed Government Code Ch. 103, and index of existing court costs and fees.

USAS Values

Appropriation Year 24
Receipt Category 14 – Other
Receipt Type 30 – State Service Fees
Object Group 30 – Revenues
USAS Status A