Issue Date: 2011-06-17
Revised Date: 2023-09-01

Legal Cites

Object Type

Cash — Other Revenue

Origin Date

2009 by S.B. 1940, 81st Leg., R.S.


A person may make a voluntary contribution to fund veterans assistance programs when:

  • Registering a motor vehicle.
  • Applying for or renewing a driver's license or personal identification card.
  • Applying for a hunting or fishing license.
  • Applying for a license to carry a handgun.

Due Date

At time of registration, application or renewal.

Collecting Agencies


S.B. 1635, 82nd Leg., R.S. changed deposit from General Revenue to the Fund for Veterans' Assistance (0368).

H.B. 633, 83rd Leg., R.S. added voluntary contribution related to driver's licenses and personal identification certificates.

H.B. 1584, 84th Leg., R.S. added contribution on applying for a hunting/fishing license.

H.B. 3710, 84th Leg., R.S. added contribution on applying for a concealed handgun license.

Legal cite amended by H.B. 3798, 88th Leg., R.S.

USAS Values

Appropriation Year 24
Receipt Category 14 – Other
Receipt Type 40 – Donation or Grant
Object Group 30 – Revenues
USAS Status A
Rev/Exp Category 05 – OTHER REVENUE