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Vendor Hold Search

The purpose of a vendor hold search is to ensure Texas state agencies and state institutions of higher education (referred to as state agencies here) comply with the state's warrant hold statutes, Texas Government Code, Sections 403.055, 2107.008 and 2252.903. A hold status based on these statutes applies only if payments are to be issued by a state agency. These statutes do not apply to payments issued to vendors by non-state agencies such as cities, counties, the private sector or other states.

The Comptroller's Texas Identification Number System (TINS) is the system of record for a vendor hold status. State agencies' field staff unable to access TINS may use this web tool. This tool is not a comprehensive search of state debtors. A vendor's employer identification number (EIN) or Comptroller-assigned taxpayer number provides the most accurate vendor hold status via TINS. The tool below searches by name only, and may provide multiple search results or no results if the name entered is different than the TINS vendor hold name.


Search Options

Things to remember when performing a search:

  • Using the Match whole words option is generally recommended.
  • Searching for names that contain numbers is acceptable.
  • Both lowercase and uppercase letters are acceptable.
  • Special characters (#, /, &) in the name are acceptable but should generally be omitted.  
    Example: S&J Hardware should be entered as S J Hardware.

Search results:

  • A system message "No vendor hold record was found for the search criteria" will be displayed if the search finds no records.
  • Search displays vendor hold records only. Search excludes hold records for state employees and individual recipients.
  • Performing a name search may result in finding multiple records with like names. It may be necessary to perform additional research using TINS in order to determine a vendor's hold status.
  • The name displayed is the name entered into TINS by the hold source agency.
  • City, state and ZIP are listed as entered into TINS by the hold source agency. Blanks appear if information has not been provided in TINS.