Issue Date: 2003-11-01
Revised Date: 2023-09-01

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2001 by S.J.R. 16, 77th Leg., R.S.


A revolving fund to provide financing for construction, reconstruction, acquisition and expansion of state highways. Also used to provide state participation in payment of costs of constructing publicly owned toll roads and other transportation projects. Fund may include proceeds of sale of obligations, appropriations, other money not dedicated by the constitution and money received from a regional mobility authority.

Beginning in FY 2006, receives revenue from the sale of collision reports (Transportation Code 521.046), driver records (revenue object 3027), inspection fees (3020), certain driver license and reinstatement fees (3025), and penalties from commercial motor carrier safety responsibility violations (3057).

Receives revenue from the sale of United We Stand license plates (3014). 

Beginning in FY 2019, if revenue from state traffic fines (3710) under Ch. 542, Transportation Code deposited to General Revenue exceeds $250 million in any year, the excess is deposited to this fund.

May receive reimbursements from GR Account 5177 - Identification Fee Exemption for revenue loss due to any waived fees for ID cards and driver’s licenses issued to foster youth, homeless youth, victims of family violence or children of victims.

New bond issuance and use of money for toll roads limited under Transportation Code 201.943.

Receives $100 fine on defendant convicted of a misdemeanor drug offense whose license has not been suspended (3710).

The Texas Department of Transportation is required to transfer from the State Highway Fund 0006 to the Texas Mobility Fund 0365, an equal amount of revenue from title fees that are deposited to Texas Emissions Reduction Plan Trust Fund 1201.

Classification Group 02: Constitutional Funds Expendable for a Specific Purpose [?]
Depository Interest Retained in appropriated fund.
Disposition of Balance Accumulative
Appropriation Technique General Appropriations Act


H.B. 3588, 78th Leg., R.S. added deposit of various fees collected under Ch. 521, Transportation Code and required deposit of combined surcharges and fines over $250 million.

H.B. 2971, 78th Leg., R.S. added United We Stand License plate fees.

H.B. 1365, 78th Leg., R.S. redirected the increase in title certificate fees (3012) from GR Account 5071 - Emissions Reduction to the Mobility Fund until 9-1-08.

During the 2004-05 biennium only, the fund received 49.5% of driver responsibility surcharges (3024) and 67% of state traffic fines (3710) per H.B. 2, 78th Leg., 3rd C.S.

During the 2006-07 biennium, revenue from objects 3025 and 3027 (under Transportation Code 521.046) were deposited to General Revenue per S.B. 1863, 79th Leg. R.S. This provision expired 1-1-08.

H.B. 122, 84th Leg., R.S. added bond issuance and toll road use limitations.

From FY 2004 to FY 2019, if the combined revenue from driver responsibility surcharges (3024) under Ch. 780, Health and Safety Code and state traffic fines (3710) under Ch. 542, Transportation Code deposited to the General Revenue Fund (No. 0001) exceeded $250 million in any year, the excess is deposited to the Mobility Fund. Driver responsibility program and surcharges repealed by H.B. 2048, 86th Leg., R.S.

Foster/homeless youth ID exemption reimbursement added by H.B. 123, 86th Leg., R.S.

H.B. 4472, 87th Leg., R.S. redirected the portion of title fees deposited to Fund 0365 to the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan Trust Fund 1201 outside of the state treasury. H.B. 4472 added transfer from Fund 0006 to Fund 0365.

$100 drug offense fine added by S.B. 181 and H.B. 2896, 87th Leg., R.S.

H.B. 2190, 88th Leg., R.S. changed “accident” to “collision” in statute.

3-year inspection of rental vehicles added by S.B. 2102, 88th Leg., R.S. with $6 of the inspection fee deposited to GR Account 0151 – Clean Air and remainder to Mobility Fund.

USAS Values

Consolidated Fund
USAS Status A
Created by the state's constitution or receiving constitutionally dedicated revenue and expended for a specific purpose.