Issue Date: 1983-09-01
Revised Date: 2017-12-27

Legal Cites

Object Type

Cash — Welfare/Mental Health

Origin Date

Effective June 19, 1975, by the 64th Leg


The State Attorney General is authorized to provide child support collection services and participate in programs established by federal law. With passage of the federal "Personal Responsibility and Work Reconciliation Act of 1996", after depositing federal portion of child support collections under Revenue Code 3622, federal portion is transferred by journal voucher into General Revenue (No. 0001) by debiting Revenue Code 3622 and crediting Revenue Code 3621. Rather than issuing a refund, federal share will be recouped by decreasing adjustment to Office of the Attorney General quarterly grant award under Title IV-D and reducing Office of the Attorney General federal grant draws normally received under Revenue Code 3700 for child support payments. Upon transfer of federal funds to General Revenue operating account, money will be available to Office of the Attorney General for use in the child support enforcement program.

Due Date

When collection is made.

Collecting Agencies


Previously deposited to the Welfare Assistance Operating Fund Account (0167), abolished August 31, 1995 per § 403.094, Government Code.

USAS Values

Appropriation Year 24
Receipt Category 13 – Welfare and Mental Health
Receipt Type 60 – Federal Receipts
Object Group 30 – Revenues
USAS Status A
Rev/Exp Category 03 – FEDERAL INCOME